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Garage Cabinets

Every garage has unique sizes, angles and obstacles to work around. Our cabinets can be up to 10 feet high, 30 inches deep and 4 feet wide. That kind of customization allows you to optimize your space. Not only are the cabinets available from the "big box" stores going to be in limited standard sizes, they are going to be of lesser quality and they are going to be difficult to put together.

Big box stores also offer shelving units for storage. The drawbacks to shelving units include that they are not attached to the wall and can be unstable and not level and your items will collect dust and spider webs. Our cabinets are aesthetically pleasing and the doors keep the dust off your valuable items.

Another big issue to deal with in garages is the sloping concrete floors. It is critical that cabinets are level for them to be fastened together and for the doors to hang and open properly. We use pressure treated wood that is tapered to the slope of the floor. The pressure treated wood which has a lifetime warranty gets the cabinets off the floor so that moisture isnít wicked up out of the concrete and gives the cabinets a solid, level base to begin the installation. During installation, we will notch for protruding foundations frequently found in garages and make any other adjustments necessary to work around obstacles. The cabinets are then attached to the studs in the walls. Installing cabinets in a garage is very difficult without the proper tools and extensive experience.

Most of our competitors either hang their cabinets from the wall or put adjustable legs under the cabinets. The cabinets are too heavy to just hang from the wall, but in either case the area under the cabinets then becomes an area for dirt and spider webs to collect and quite difficult to clean. Our solid waterproof base is the best solution.

Our workbenches are sturdy and can be finished with a variety of countertops. The drawers are extra heavy duty and your work area can be completed with pegboard and upper cabinets.

We also offer ceiling storage shelves from Hyloft ( and garage organization products from Racor Home Storage Products ( Both of these companies make the best quality products available.



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